The Directory contains the name and typically the contact and practice information for psychologists. The Board does not offer a referral service. Members of the public looking for a referral service should contact the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia (APNS). The website of APNS is and phone number is 422-9183.

Note: The NSBEP Public Directory is for the purposes of the public seeking psychological services only. The contact information set out on these pages is not for the use of soliciting.


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The Directory contains the following registration statuses.

Registered: These individuals hold full registration with the ability to practice psychology in the province.

Candidate Register: These individuals have met the education and training requirements for registration and have the ability to practice psychology in the province. However while on the Candidate Register they are undergoing superivision until completing the required period of supervised work experience and examinations. Candidates must use the designation Psychologist (Candidate Register) which clearly indicates their status; Psych. (Cand. Reg.) is permitted.

Academic: Registrants on the Academic Register must be employed full-time in an academic setting and engaged in the teaching of psychology. No clinical work is permitted under this registration category.

Out of Province: Individuals with this status designation are not registered for active practice in Nova Scotia.

Retired: Individuals with this status designation are not registered for active practice but wish to remain on the Board register and maintain use of their registration credential; they are required to simultaneously clarify their retired status when presenting their credential.

Courtesy Register: Individuals with this status designation are registered for active practice on a temporary basis. Such registration is based on their registration as a psychologist in another jurisdiction remaining in good standing. This registration may be used by those are waiting to complete the registration process in Nova Scotia or those only temporarily practicing in the province.

Inactive: This status provides inactive registration for a registrant, but does not permit the practice of psychology during the period when the registrant's status is inactive.

No longer registered: This status could be assigned because of a temporary leave of absence or a permanent status change.